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Monday - MINGO - 6pm - Sponsored by Ice Productions Live, Long Neck Dispensaries & Rehoboth Beach Web Code


Tuesday - MINGO - 6pm - Sponsored by The Riverside Grill - to place orders and more information click here

The Riverside Grill offers up good grub, friendly smiles, and a relaxing environment, we strive to be a second home for any and all who walk through our doors. There's something for everyone here, whether you're grabbing a drink after a hard day's work, having dinner with the family, meeting up to watch the game, or just passing through town. So come on in, Millsboro! We can't wait to welcome you to the family. Most Friendly Bar Down by the River!!!

Wednesday - No Game Tonight - see you on Thursday

Thursday MINGO - 6pm - Sponsored by Crab Barn - for more information click here

Crab Barn.JPG

The Crab Barn is located at 32600 Long Neck rd. Millsboro, Delaware It is a fun seafood & crab place. Serving Maryland Blue Claw Crabs, Seafood Fresh or Steamed, you can also enjoy many specialty cocktails and award-winning crushes. Call ahead (302) 945-5555

Friday - TBD

Saturday - Streaming Music and Dj Talk Party - 7pm - click here to join by Zoom - Sponsored by Ice Productions Live & Long Neck Dispensaries.

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